Skywriter: Poems of Earth, Sea, and Sky

Skywriter, fondly dedicated to the Broad-winged Hawk  — the Muse who inspires her, provides an opportunity to spend time in soul-searching conversation with Ginny in the places she loves, with her kin…the people, animals, birds, insects and water bodies she knows well. She takes the stern, and as a guide, brings you for an adventurous Maine wild river paddle and her river of words awakens all of your senses to the natural world and familiar experiences and landscapes as images flow into your deepest longings for connection.

Reflecting the wise words of eco-ethicist Aldo Leopold—“thinking like a mountain,” thus understanding the interconnectedness of all beings—Ginny provides her own wisdom to the adventurer and seeker, the Earth lover and activist in these troubled times: “Live your life as if you were a tree…deeply, rooted. / Stand prophetic, wise. / Fed by living water all your years…”
—Anne D. (Andy) Burt, longtime community organizer, activist for environmental and social justice, and creator of Down to Earth Storytelling.

This poetry reveals a different perspective on the world we experience through technology and politics. When turmoil and chaos rule, these poems offer deeper meaning and interaction with the poem and expand our view of interdependence. These nature-based poems have an organic conversational style, enhanced by the aesthetic beauty and meditative value of the elegant Japanese kanji throughout.

A 1966 edition of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, published in Japan, inspired the use of Japanese kanji in Skywriter. Japanese poetry relies strongly on personal imagination and a deeper interaction with the poem.