About Ginny

I grew up along the coast of Maine, nurtured by its woods and waters.  Here I developed a deep sense of place and respect for the land, its people and all living things.

Summers as a child were idyllic and full of sun, sea, and deep mysterious woods. This small close-knit community, and a background of community service directed me into a professional life of environmental education and drew me deeper into my writing. My experiences and reflections quickly deepened into a strong ecological ethic, and a fierce determination to share the joys of wild Nature.

After a number of years on the editorial staff at the Portland Newspapers, I transitioned to non-profit work at the Chewonki Foundation. My writing became even more focused and my appreciation of community expanded, including the natural world and our vital connection to it.  Working with international staff and participants broadened my horizons and my awareness. I was introduced to inspiring nature writers and up-close interaction with wild creatures.  E.O. Wilson calls it biophilia; I call it coming home to my deepest self.

As I observe more deeply the changes in the land and the chaos of our culture, where people and Nature alike are cast away like so much flotsam and jetsam, I feel a growing urgency to ask tough questions and find solutions.  I know that spending time in Nature heals and soothes, and is its own reward, but to protect it, we must love it, and the first step is to experience it as an integral part of ourselves. Being outside encourages us to get outside human boundaries and stand in awe of something far bigger and grander.

This is my invitation to you. Walk beneath the pines with me and be in touch with the earth.

~ Ginny Freeman