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Wrack & Ruin — A Collection of Poems by Ginny Freeman

In a world of chaos, when people and nature alike are cast away like so much flotsam and jetsam, these poems remind us to be beachcombers who recognize beauty even in brokenness; they teach us to treasure simplicity, and celebrate diversity in nature.



Excerpts from the book

From Earth Mother…

…She stretched languidly,
Reclining, where waves would wash her form,
Smooth her rough edges,
Leave offerings of soft sand
And precious shells.
But then
The hard steel came
Cutting deep into her skin…

From Magicians of the Morning…

Have you seen them
These magicians of the half-light
As they slip between the worlds of dark and dawn?
Serenely drifting like thistledown
They appear and disappear–
Wizards of the woods…

From Canvas…

…Making brush strokes with her hair
She paints her vision
Under a neon sign that reads
“No Indians or Dogs Allowed”
And still she labors on
And red is the color of her dreams.

From Rose-Colored Glasses,….
…It’s not the joy I want to write about,
But how to walk through fire
And not get burned.


Praise for Wrack & Ruin

 I’ve never spent much time at the sea shore, but Ginny’s poems opened me to a way of knowing the world that is shaped by waves, wind, sand and shells, all in close relationship with the one who walks a beach. I’ve spent too much time pondering the ecological distress of our world, and her poems allowed me to enter into that hurting place with love and compassion. Her conversational verse, which can be read aloud without pretense, offers vivid images and valuable insights—even to those of us who didn’t know that poetry could be so accessible.
—Rev. Peter S. Sawtell, Executive Director, Eco-Justice Ministries


This collection is Ginny Freeman’s fine-crafted testimony to what we’re doing to Nature and embodies her fervent hope that we’ll awaken before it’s too late. Her poems will make you fall even more deeply in love with our precious and threatened world.
—Susanna Liller, Founder of Ruby Slippers, a place for women to gather and share their visions and hopes for themselves and our planet


These poems invite you to lace up your boots and explore the wild places, both outside and within—quiet pond to stormy coast; death and extinction to warm hearth, and find a renewed sense of place and self.
—Jeremy Sheaffer, Maine State Director, The Wilderness Society


As a beachcomber of stories, with this collection of poems Ginny Freeman opens her pack to share many found treasures from the Maine coast she knows intimately and loves. These poem gifts bring us into communion with one another and our relatives in the natural world as we all face challenging times for the Earth together.
—Anne D. Burt, creator of “Down to Earth Storytelling Project” and film; environmental justice activist,